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Chrysalis expandable bangles celebrate the joy found in love and friendship. Designed for sharing memories of those special moments in life, each piece is adorned with talismans and spiritual symbols, combining color and meaning. Stack them to create beautiful, personal collections that draw love and happiness into your life. The bangles are adjustable for a perfect fit every time! Chrysalis line of fashion jewelry is manufactured of brass and wrapped in 18kt yellow, rose and rhodium finishes and accented with options of both natural and gemstone simulants. Wearing Chrysalis is fun and easy but remember to treat it with care. Avoid harsh chemicals; lotions or perfumes also long exposure to water while washing your hands. Enjoy purchasing Chrysalis based on reflection of past moments or special moments to come.

Each Chrysalis piece purchased is supplied with a branded Chrysalis gift pouch.

Chrysalis Good Fortune October Pink CZ Birthstone Crystal Expandable Bangle

Option 1: Gold Plated
Option 2: Rhodium
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